Everything that goes into a JTK Harmonics Guitar Effects Unit has a specific reason and purpose, with the goal of providing a lifetime of trouble-free sonic bliss. Design emphasis is on sound, quality, reliability, and overall usability without sacrificing aesthetics. Each pedal is handcrafted in Canada, and is true-bypass — no buffers used. We use powder-coated finishes which exhibit both ruggedness and beauty, knobs machined from aluminum rather than low-cost plastic, and highly readable and usable indicators for knobs and input/output jacks. These are silk-screened onto the finish using a durable material. The resulting look and ruggedness are equally at home on a live gig or at a world-class studio.

Locations of knobs, dials, and jacks are optimized for both circuit placement and low noise as well as ease of use and convenience. All circuits and PCBs are custom designed, simulated, and tested by JTK (no outsourcing). Circuit simulation is done using SPICE with proper device models and correlated with frequency response measurements. These data are used in conjunction with a diverse range of equipment and players who are involved in extensive listening tests. These final elements ultimately determine the final sonic signature.

The founder of JTK Harmonics, Joe Kung, is involved in every part of the process — from concept and design to implementation and manufacturing of the product. He has an extensive background in Electrical Engineering and component/system manufacturing. Engineering design is not outsourced and is completely done by him. This includes component and vendor selections, aesthetics, graphics, device assembly, quality inspection, and final test. Web design and implementation, photography, logo and graphics are also done by him. Final product tests involve listening to the units as they compare to golden reference units, and played through a reference guitar and amplifier system before shipping.

Because of the nature of assembly and testing, these units are produced in very limited quantity.